Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Spring is here

Here's a grey squirrel coming to check if I have any food for him.

Grey Squirrel in Southwark Park

A black-headed gull in full breeding plumage:

Black-Headed Gull in Southwark Park

A greylag goose, also waiting to be fed:

Greylag Goose in Southwark Park

Greylag Goose feeding in Southwark Park

Another robin:

Robin in Russia Dock Woodland

A great spotted woodpecker:

Great Spotted Woodpecker in Russia Dock Woodland

The first butterfly of the year:

Red Admiral in Russia Dock Woodland


Daffodils in Stave Hill Ecology Park

And a magpie:

Magpie in Russia Dock Woodland

Species added since last time: Pochard, Little Grebe (neither of which I got last year), Redwing, Red Admiral. That makes 43.
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