Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

A Long Commute

I think Google's Public Transit Planner still has a way to go with its new UK coverage. My commute is 35 minutes, with the Jubilee line from Canada Water to Waterloo and the Northern line from Waterloo to Tottenham Court Road.

It does not take 4 hours 37 minutes, and it does not involve going via Gillingham. Also, due to my shameful inability to walk on water, it's going to take me longer than 18 minutes to walk from home to Stepney Methodist Church.

Public transit
Travel time: about 4 hours 37 minsShowing Trip 2

Walk to Ratcliff, Stepney Methodist Church
About 18 mins

Bus - X10 - London - Pitsea - Southend - Rochford
Service run by Stephensons of Essex
6:06pm Depart Ratcliff, Stepney Methodist Church
6:12pm Arrive Poplar, Canada Square North

Bus - C4 - London - Gillingham
13 mins to make transfer
Service run by The Kings Ferry
6:25pm Depart Poplar, Canada Square North
7:16pm Arrive Hempstead Valley, Wigmore Road Bredhurst Road (SE-bound)

Bus - 007 - Deal - Dover - London
29 mins to make transfer
Service run by National Express Shuttle
7:45pm Depart Hempstead Valley, Gillingham Medway - Hempstead Valley Coach Stop
9:05pm Arrive Victoria Coach Station

Bus - 010 - London - Cambridge - King's Lynn
55 mins to make transfer
10:00pm Depart Victoria Coach Station
10:10pm Arrive St James', Embankment (London Coaches)

Walk to London, Middlesex, W1D 3QU
About 15 mins

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