Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta


Impressed with it so far. Never mind the headline features, it's packed full of small improvements. My Desktop icons now know that the Dock is on the right and arrange themselves so as not to overlap it. I can have iChat logged into Google Chat and LJ Chat at the same time. I get previews of fonts. Spotlight is much faster, and usable as an application launcher. It will read 2GB SD cards on my USB card reader. And so on and so on.

Apart from that, Time Machine is pretty but I'll need to remember to plug in the external drive from time to time. Coverflow looks actually useful for browsing directories with images in them. I don't mind the translucent menu bar. Safari still doesn't have a good adblocker, and several of the existing ones don't work any more, so I'm sticking with Firefox for now -- hopefully 3.0 will look more like a Mac application.

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