Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
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Kyoto Photos

Off to Yokohama for the Worldcon in a bit, but here are some photos from Kyoto.

Part of the Kodai-ji temple complex. None of these wooden buildings is, in fact, very old -- every place you visit, they have a list of all the times it has burned down and tell you when it was last rebuilt.

Kangetsu-Dai (Moon-Viewing Pavillion) and Kaisan-Do (Founders' Hall) at Kodai-ji Temple

They had dragonflies in their pond. (I recommend clicking through to the larger version of this one.)

Dragonfly at Kodai-ji Temple

The Kenshunmon Gate (although "mon" means gate anyway) to the Kyoto Imperial Palace -- this is the one for use by the Emperor's family.

Kenshunmon Gate at Kyoto Imperial Palace

At the Kyoto Costume Museum, flick had me take lots and lots of pictures. Most of these are dolls about a foot high -- the last two are life-size.

Kyoto Costume Museum

Kyoto Costume Museum

Kyoto Costume Museum

Kyoto Costume Museum

Flick in Kyoto Costume Museum

We asked if they had similar dolls for sale, and the attendant told us that each doll cost 100 million yen to make (a bit under £500,000). We think she must have meant 100 thousand yen, or £500.

Finally, this lotus flower was in a moat outside the Higashi Honganji Temple.

Lotus Flower

seph_hazard has set up an LJ feed of my Flickr photostream at drploktaphotos. If anyone is following my Japan photoset on Flickr, note that I'll be creating a different set for Worldcon photos.

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