Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Today's Photos

Here's the Ginza by night. We were staying about two blocks from here.

Ginza by Night

And a bunch from the tour of the Tokyo Imperial Palace grounds this morning.

A seventeenth century keep/watch-tower (from the roof of which one can see Mt Fuji).

Fujimi-Yagura Keep

Fujimi-Yagura Keep

Our guide, with loudhailer.

Guide at the Imperial Palace

A sculpture representing a pine tree, outside the main palace complex.

Sculpture outside the Imperial Palace

A carefully sculpted tree.

Tree by Seimon-Tetsubashi Bridge

Me, reflected in a palace window.

Me reflected in the Imperial Palace

A lotus blossom in a moat (which is entirely choked with lotus).

Hasuikebori Lotus Moat

No photos of the main palace complex because it was built in the '60s from reinforced concrete.
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