Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Species Update

Add 39. jay (camera-shy). So that's 39 birds and two mammals -- reptiles, amphibians and butterflies are still waiting for warmer weather.

I got a bad photo of a siskin last week.
Siskin by Surrey Water

There were fifteen cormorants holding a convention on the big bollard in the Thames this morning (and a great black-backed gull gatecrashing).
Cormorants on the Thames

Cormorants on the Thames

Cormorants on the Thames

I got some much better great black-backed gull pictures.
Great Black-Backed Gull by the Thames

Great Black-Backed Gull flying over the Thames

And another shot of the heron in a more traditional pose (which is rather blurred -- I don't advise clicking through to a larger size of this one).
Grey Heron in Russia Dock Woodland
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