Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Add Two, Subtract One

My coal tits are looking dubious, so I'll remove them from the list for now. But I saw (and failed to photograph) not only a chaffinch (hardly rare or unlikely) but also the mythical Russia Dock Woodland kingfisher (only a flash of blue across the pond, but there's not exactly anything else it could have been).

I did get a couple of much better photos of birds that are already on the list.

Here are a couple of cormorants, one of them hanging its wings out to dry:

Cormorants on the Thames

And I can't really hope for a closer or sharper picture of a lesser black-backed gull than this one:

Lesser Black-Backed Gull on the Thames

So the score is now 34 -- 32 birds (wren, chaffinch and kingfisher not photographed) and two mammals (fox not photographed).
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