Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Wildlife Update 2

First, a quick demo of the zoom on the camera. Here is a pontoon in Greenland Dock with no zoom.
Black-Headed Gulls (no zoom) on Greenland Dock

And here is the same shot from the same vantage point at maximum zoom (10x optical and 4x digital).
Black-Headed Gulls (full zoom) on Greenland Dock

Next, photos of species I've already counted.

To make zarabee happy, here are some house sparrows (and a coal tit, which is a new species, but there's a better picture further down).
House Sparrows and Coal Tit near Lavender Pond

A blue tit, with no doubt this time.
Blue Tit near Lavender Pond

Tufted ducks, showing off their tufts.
Tufted Ducks on Surrey Water

A blackbird (juvenile male, I think).
Blackbird in Russia Dock Woodland

A great spotted woodpecker (there were actually a pair of them).
Great Spotted Woodpecker in Russia Dock Woodland

And a great spotted woodpecker in flight.
Great Spotted Woodpecker in Russia Dock Woodland

A male great crested grebe showing off his colours (but no crest at this time of year).
Great Crested Grebe on Canada Water

And a pair of great crested grebes (with some digital zoom, so the full-size version is pretty blocky).
Great Crested Grebes on Canada Water

Now the new ones.

Here's a goldfinch, which I actually thought was a sparrow when I snapped it -- the camera has much better eyesight than I do.
Goldfinch near Lavender Pond

A starling.
Starling near Lavender Pond

Coal tit.
Coal Tit in Russia Dock Woodland

Great tit.
Great Tit in Russia Dock Woodland

Juvenile lesser black-backed gull (I think).
Lesser Black-Backed Gull (juvenile) on Canada Water

Greylag goose.
Greylag Goose on Canada Water

I also saw, but failed to photograph, a fox. So my score now is 29 birds (all photographed except for robin) and 2 mammals.
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