Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Wildlife Update

An update on this post.

And the list so far is:
Great Crested Grebe
Great crested grebe, on Canada Water

Mute Swan
Mute swan, on Surrey Water

Coot, on Surrey Water

Lesser Black-Backed Gull
Lesser black-backed gull, on a bollard in the Thames

Blue Tit
Blue tit (I think -- a great tit would have a black band down its belly) in Russia Dock Woodland

Tufted Duck
Tufted ducks (male) on Surrey Water

Blackbird (female) in Russia Dock Woodland (terrible photo, which will be updated when I get a decent one)

Stock Dove
Stock dove in Russia Dock Woodland

Black-Headed Gull
Black-headed gull by Canada Water (they don't have black heads in winter)

Canada Goose
Canada goose on (where else) Canada Water

Pied Wagtail
Pied wagtail by Canada Water

Cormorant on Canada Water

At this point, I changed my camera, having bought a shiny new Kodak Easyshare V610 with 10x optical zoom, and also a Gorillapod tripod (since you need steady hands or bright sunlight for 10x zoom). The photos get better, and more worth clicking through on.

Magpies in Stave Hill Ecology Park.

Grey Squirrel
Grey squirrel in Stave Hill Ecology Park

Carrion Crow
Carrion crow on Mellish Sports Ground

Mallard on Lavender Pond

Moorhen on Lavender Pond

Black-Headed Gulls
Black-headed gulls by the Thames

Black-headed Gulls, Common Gulls, Feral Pigeons, Stock Dove
Black-headed gulls, common gulls, feral pigeons and stock dove by the Thames

Grey Wagtail
Grey wagtail in Russia Dock Woodland (very blurry, but good enough to identify the species)

Woodpigeon in Russia Dock Woodland

Also seen, but not photographed: robin, great spotted woodpecker, house sparrow.

That makes 24 so far, already beating ajshepherd and armb's votes.
Tags: wildlife

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