Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Purchases from Borough Market:

Six rashers of smoked back bacon
Eight rashers of green streaky bacon
100g of pancetta cubes
Twelve chiplotas
Three big king edward potatoes
Three or four medium Cyprus potatoes
Some mini carrots
Some vine plum tomatoes
Four limes
A pineapple
A bunch of coriander
A small pain au levain
A long thin saussicon seche
Two tubs of pate (brandy & herb and chilli & lemongrass)
A tub of tapenade
An ostrich eggshell for flick to wrap in paper and nail varnish

The menu plan is roughly:

Saturday lunch - bread, saucisson, pate and tapenade.
Saturday dinner - potato & pea (from the freezer) & coriander cakes coated in breadcrumbs (leftover pain au levain), served with bacon
Sunday lunch - chipolatas wrapped in streaky bacon and roast with Cyprus potatoes, mini carrots and whatever leftover root veg I find in the fridge
Sunday dinner - pancetta risotto

Meanwhile, we'll be drinking pineapple margaritas.

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