Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Walkers A Great Success

Let me join the many people who have acclaimed Walkers. While not perfect in every way (no cider, no sausages and a few people had long waits for their food), it was a very pleasant and welcoming pub, with a good private room for our use and very reasonable prices (quite ridiculously reasonable in some cases; flick told me that gin & tonic was £2, which I thought was fairly cheap, but when I tried to pay £2 for the next one I bought the barmaid gave me £1 back).

The turnout was very good for the first time in a new pub, and I hope it will rise further as we settle down there. It will get a bit crowded if we have more people than last night, but I expect we can expand upstairs later in the evening, and outside in the summer. Certainly, it can hardly get more crowded than the One Tun or the Wellington were -- we may have been a little spoiled by the amount of space available in the Florence Nightingale.

In an interesting historical note, when the old White Horse was demolished, its license was transferred to a new pub built on the same block -- which is Walkers. So 52 years after we left it, we've gone back to the London Circle's first long-term home.

Finally, many thanks to Paul Treadaway for putting in the legwork to find it, and for sticking his head above the parapet when so many previously have been shot down.

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