Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Another Day Of World Domination

I have decided to take swisstone's sage advice and leave the position of Minion i/c Fandom vacant. Apologies to marykaykare, who can have an alternative portfolio if she would like.
andrewducker has added the portfolio of Minion i/c Getting To Bed At A Reasonable Time, as long as he doesn't do it in conjunction with my Minion i/c Staying In Bed All Day.
d_floorlandmine is Minion i/c Dancing Topless.
dakiwiboid is Minion i/c Flightless Birds.
filkerdave is Minion i/c Frequent Flyers (and should probably liaise with the Minion i/c In-Flight Service).
feorag is Minion i/c Pollution Control & Keeping the Streets Clean.

Effective immediately, everyone is paid hourly. If your employment contract doesn't specify your working hours, you work a 37½ hour week. Work in excess of your normal working hours may be paid at a higher hourly rate than your normal rate, but may not be paid at a lower rate. Falsifying your timesheet in either direction is a serious criminal offence. Employers must post the working hours claimed by their staff for public inspection, and workers are encouraged to shop their colleagues who are working more hours than they are claiming. Employers may not refuse to pay for hours worked even if it was in contravention of a direct order, but it may be treated as gross misconduct so you can sack them after you've paid them.

I think that the US actually has legislation to this effect for some classes of workers, but it's sadly unknown in the UK.

I'm prepared to make an exception for anyone who owns at least 5% of the equity of their employer.
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