Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

A Few More Appointments

bohemiancost is Minion i/c Mandating Apple Computers.
frostfox is Minion i/c Creative Speling.
colaescent is Minion i/c Genres.
jhaelan is Minion i/c Minions, having convinced me that Minions can be considered to be a foodstuff.
smofbabe is Minion i/c Bagels.
yonmei is Minion i/c Slash.
swisstone has been promoted from Minion i/c Railways to Minion i/c Transport. armb needs to talk to him about cycling facilities.

The Minions i/c Tea, Potatoes, Cheese, Coffee, Transport, Mandating Apple Computers and Brassica/Legumes are doing good work -- keep it up. The Minion i/c Not Being Devoured by Cthulhoid Entities may have a tricky job on his hands. All other Minions are expected to legislate very soon.
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