Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Surreal Phishing Expedition

I get a lot of spam. Which includes regular phishing expeditions to ask me to "verify" my eBay account on some dummy server somewhere so that my account can be hijacked. But I've never before had one quite like this, which I reproduce verbatim. I was nearly fooled, it sounds so authentic...

Study: Most still not Christmas Tour de France at the moment


Personals will do It First of all
https://scgi.ebay.com/saw-cgi/eBaylSAPl.dII?VerifylnformationIt takes me onlywhen the
Foot and Mouth Desease What's wwrong? in 1953
Yes, it's me. All your base are belong to us in 1811
let me add Same for me
MTV Awards
come on Mau I ask
AOL Hannibal

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