Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

FLA Meme

First real kiss: bohemiancoast, 1983.

First job: First thing I got paid for was an article for White Dwarf. Of course, it only paid for pizza for two.

First screen name: Zorn, if Starweb counts.

First self-purchased album: No idea.

First funeral: My aunt May, circa 1988.

First pets: Gerbils.

First piercing: NA.

First true love: bohemiancoast.

First big trip: ConFiction in 1990 (The Hague) or ConFrancisco in 1993 (San Francisco). Depends if you insist it be intercontinental.

Last big car ride: Being driven back from my mother's in Chester by my brother and sister-in-law, with a four-year-old and a baby who doesn't travel well, about six weeks ago.

Last kiss: Within the past month. Further details are not available at your security clearance level.

Last good cry: Probably 4 January 1999 (the day my father died).

Last movie seen: Terminator 3, during the heat-wave -- as much to get into air conditioning for a couple of hours as for the sake of the movie.

Last beverage drank: A glass of Marks & Spencer apple, boysenberry and pear juice.

Last food consumed: Pasta with carrot, pepper, tomato and ham sauce.

Last phone call: From one of my staff to say that he needs to go to the Leighton Buzzard office tomorrow morning.

Last TV show watched: A Futurama episode, I think.

Last shoes worn: Fairly plain black shoes.

Last CD played: Don't play CDs much these days. iTunes tells me the last track played was Perfect by the Lightning Seeds.

Last item bought: Packet of salted peanuts on the train home from Milton Keynes this evening.

Last soda drank: Pepsi.

Last ice cream eaten: M&S strawberry & clotted cream swirl. Excuse me while I go and get another bowl...

Last shirt worn: Green, heavy cotton, from the Gap. Still wearing it.
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