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Today's The Day The Beeblebears Have Their Picnic

Trying out Xjournal. Please forgive any formatting errors.

Gatecrashed the ZZ9 Beeblebear's Picnic. Good company, bad weather. The forecast of a risk of occasional showers turned out to be continuous rainfall from 3:30pm until well into the evening, so the party adjourned to local hostelries by late afternoon.

However, we got some picnicing in first. I wasn't the only gatecrasher:

Opus the penguin

But the bears seemed to have a nice time:

Opus the penguin

The intended venue out of the rain was the Lord Moon of the Mall, but all the real ale was off. So amusingly enough, Robert Newman was ensconced in the Silver Cross complaining about the splinter group of non-beer-drinkers who were off in the Lord Moon of the Mall instead. I'm glad that Robert has finally seen the light as far as the Silver Cross is concerned.
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