Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

They Didn't Shave Me

But I was terminally short of sleep by Sunday morning. Not helped by the change in the clocks being used to lengthen the Saturday night disco rather than giving us another hour in bed -- lproven's 2am panel was at the second 2am of the night.

It was a bizarre convention, with many outbreaks of James-and-Stef lunacy interspersed with some pretty serious panels.

But you don't want serious convention reportage, you want pictures of LJ users dressed in silly clothes.


Failed supervillain tobesv and his minder, hawkida

lproven and wag_9393 resort to fisticuffs

GoH Robert Rankin (WINOLJ) demonstrates how to be picked up by women

ang_grrr and adela_terrell suffer a fashion disaster

On Sunday night, I was persuaded to wear borrowed Young Persons' Trousers to the rock disco, in exchange for a donation to fan-funds (UFF note, the fishlifter's owe you a tenner). I must have been over-tired. Fortunately, I believe only one photo exists, and it's not digital. Unfortunately, it will have been developed by Novacon. I'm about fifteen years over the age limit for YPTs.

Overall, it was an excellent con, with definite narrative momentum.

Edit: Corrected to refer to ang_grrr and not her evil twin ang_grr.

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