Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Sad Geekery

I finally got a new laptop at work -- I'd had the old one for over 2½ years, and it was getting very old and clapped out. The new one is a Dell Latitude D400, with 512MB RAM and built in Bluetooth (it talks to my phone) and Wi-Fi (it talks to my wireless network at home, and indeed I'm sitting on the sofa using it now). It has a touch-pad and a nipple, although my laptop pointing devide of choice was always the trackball, which has completely disappeared.

The screen is a bit small, by choice (I'm the one who decides what spec of laptop we'll buy for whom), but apart from that it's approaching being as nice as the PowerBook that I bought for myself a little under a year ago. Not as nice as the new PowerBooks, though.

There turns out to be an unprotected wireless network in range of our office, and a new one in range of my living room. Perhaps I can drop my own ADSL connection and just sponge off somebody else.
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