December 22nd, 2012

Lost Opportunity

I just realised that the window of opportunity for human spaceflight has been and gone. It's no longer feasible. The orientation sensors on your smartphone won't work in zero gravity, so everyone's screens would be the wrong way round, which obviously makes the whole enterprise infeasible until the invention of artificial gravity.

Locus Poll

From nwhyte. Locus have published the results of their online poll of the best sf and fantasy novels of the 20th and 21st centuries. I give the lists below, with bold if I've read it, italic if I started but did not finish, and struck through if I did not like the book.

After some thought I have not struck through the Connie Willis books, because while her sense of what the UK is like is very bad indeed for someone who sets a lot of books in the UK, her books do have other virtues.

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