May 10th, 2010

Yet More Elephant Problems

Looking at other people's photos on Flickr, it appears that no. 117 (Untitled) by the Hungerford Bridge has been taken away for repairs of some kind.

No. 124 (Elfreda) is shown on the map near Sloane Street, but on the listing as at the Tower of London (which is correct).

Rainbow Alliance, here we come

This looks choreographed. Brown steps down now, and Clegg will probably announce this evening or tomorrow morning that no deal is possible with the Tories, because they are not prepared to act in the best interests of the UK by giving the people a referendum on a fairer voting system. This will open the way for a progressive coalition to push through a referendum, and promise a new election once the voting system has been fixed, without the LibDems being tainted by Brown's high level of unpopularity.