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Monday, February 22nd, 2010

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Thanks to The Register, here is a nice graph of the decline of manufacturing in the UK since 1945. You'll notice one small problem with the "decline" bit.

Alice in Wonderland
Looks like I'll have to make a point of going to see Alice in Wonderland at a Cineworld (or maybe a Vue) in order to teach Odeon that it's none of their damn business how soon the DVD is available after the cinema release (except that they could make a lot more money selling DVDs to people leaving the cinema, so perhaps they should be campaigning for simultaneous release in cinemas and on DVD).
Purging Books (Again)
We've purged about 1,550 books out of 4,200, which is 37%. Not bad. We're down to two double-stacked Ivars for the regular size paperback fiction, one single-stacked Ivar for non-fiction and outsize books, six Billies for trade paperback/hardback fiction and one Billy for graphic novels. So we've cleared three Ivars (which will be going, to make room for a desk in the spare bedroom), and sorted out the overflowing Billies to the extent that there's now a spare shelf.

The books themselves are still cluttering up the spare bed, but we hope to get them out of the flat within a couple of weeks. Delicious Library thinks that eight of them have some significant value, and they're up for sale on Amazon Marketplace (half of them are Economist yearbooks from the late 90s, which seem to be surprisingly valuable).

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