November 12th, 2007

Premature Expostulation

On the Jubilee line train at Canada Water this morning, the canned announcement said "Change here for East London line replacement bus services" -- a bit premature, given that it's over a month until the East London line actually closes.

Fire in Stratford

As others have posted, there's a huge plume of smoke over east London, which I easily saw from street level in Soho a few minutes ago. It appears there's a major fire here, which is near the Olympic site. The Met Office says that the prevailing winds are light but westerly, so the smoke should mostly get blown away from central London (and our flat in Rotherhithe).

BBC story here.

Fire Again

Hmm, it's awfully close to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (now officially called High Speed 1), which is due to open on Wednesday. I wonder if there's any connection, or if the opening will be delayed.