November 4th, 2005

More on Walkers

Right, here's a follow-up on my rather brief posting last night, which was made from my PDA while in the pub.

The manager at Walkers of Holborn told me last night that the pub has been sold, effective from around 16 November. He's not staying on -- he has a better job to go to at a pub in Muswell Hill. The new owners plan to run it as-is for the rest of this year, then close for three or four weeks in January for a complete refurb, and then he doesn't know what their long-term plans are.

The new owners were due to visit last night, and he said he'd introduce them, but in the event they only popped into the upstairs bar for five minutes.

The manager has my mobile number and will call when he has more information. If the new owners don't want us, he may be able to find us somewhere else that's suitable.

So it looks like the December and Christmas meetings will be OK, but we may be homeless from January, and even if we are staying there, we may need an alternative in January if the refurb has started by Thursday 5th.