March 4th, 2005

Minion Update

First, all Minions are urged to resist the rebellion led by dalmeny, who appears to have some strange notion that Australia should be governed by Australians and not by a self-appointed global dictator living 10,000 miles away who has never been south of the equator.

Following drpete's suggestion of a Minion i/c Sekrit Police, michaelhoward has expressed an interest on my LJ. Sorry Michael, but davidblunkett has beaten you to it. Although if drpete wants it for himself, I might let him have it.

stillcarl is Minion i/c Hermits.
chance88088 is Minion i/c Kicking Margaret Atwood Every Time She Says She Doesn't Write Science Fiction.
frandowdsofa is additionally Minion i/c Eastercon, at least for the next three weeks.
rysmiel is additionally Minion i/c How To Spell "Delany".

I seem to have acquired my first non-human Minions.
galluskit is Minion i/c Purring, Being Fluffy, and General Cuteness.
therealsnufkin is Minion i/c The Fridge.
julian_tiger is Minion i/c Squirrels.

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davidblunkett and michaelhoward need to remember that I have the option to log IP addresses turned on, and that they really should avoid using the same IP addresses to post comments from their sekrit LJ accounts.

peake is Minion i/c Denying Opposable Thumbs To Cats, a portfolio of vital importance.

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Finally, BoingBoing observes that a weblog is being sued for copyright violation merely for linking to this article, by someone who has no clue at all about the Internet, and I encourage everyone else to link to it as well. Note that the article is by a loathsome American right-winger, and I don't recommend that anyone actually follows the link.