March 3rd, 2005

Another Day Of World Domination

I have decided to take swisstone's sage advice and leave the position of Minion i/c Fandom vacant. Apologies to marykaykare, who can have an alternative portfolio if she would like.
andrewducker has added the portfolio of Minion i/c Getting To Bed At A Reasonable Time, as long as he doesn't do it in conjunction with my Minion i/c Staying In Bed All Day.
d_floorlandmine is Minion i/c Dancing Topless.
dakiwiboid is Minion i/c Flightless Birds.
filkerdave is Minion i/c Frequent Flyers (and should probably liaise with the Minion i/c In-Flight Service).
feorag is Minion i/c Pollution Control & Keeping the Streets Clean.

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This Afternoon's Minion Update

easterbunny is Minion i/c Couriers & Delivery Companies.
feorag has added the portfolio of Minion i/c Beer & Cider.
brisingamen has added the portfolio of Minion i/c Nouning Verbs & Verbing Nouns.
yonmei has added the porfolio of Minion i/c Having More Than One Vegetarian Item On The Menu.
liluri has added the portfolio of Minion i/c Gin & Tonic.

And it appears that there will be a Meeting of the Minions at Eastercon, for those who are present. Date and time will be advised.

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Yet more appointments. Many of these were made in person at the Florence Nightingale Jubilee Silver Cross.

ang_grr is Minion i/c Usernames.
bohemiancoast is Minion i/c Staying Up All Night Playing Nintendo.
gummitch is Minion i/c Geography.
sparktastic is Minion i/c Entertainment. And perhaps someone could remind her, as I don't think I'm on her friends list.
cuboid_ursinoid is Minion i/c Dealing With Minions Who Develop Fascist Tendencies.

It Occurs To Me That...

...if I authorise my Minions to appoint Sub-Minions, and the Sub-Minions to appoint Sub-Sub-Minions, and so on, then at the current rate of growth I really do take over the world in about three weeks. I'm thinking about it.

Oh, and pnh is Minion i/c How To Spell "Tolkien".