April 30th, 2004



The <plokta.con> programme book is printed. Well, the last page is halfway through coming out of the printer now. This means that the convention programme has been finalised (allegedly), and you can see it here. Now all I have to do is collate and staple, and get over to Newbury. See some of you there.

In the Bar...

There are about twenty people hanging round the bar, including flick, hawkida, spikeiowa, the fishlifters, ang_grrr, major_clanger, autopope, feorag and miramon. Plus assorted people WANOLJ.

The hotel's wireless access is kind of flaky, but it seems to work, and £6 for an hour's use in a 24 hour period is pretty reasonable.

No critical programme bugs have yet manifested themselves. But bohemiancoast left home four hours late, so no registration this evening as she has the badges.

After being BoingBoinged last week and yesterday, the con has now been NTKed as well. We are expecting more walk-ins than at the previous two cons. But we can take about 35 more people than we currently have, so should be OK.