October 10th, 2003

Giving Directions

It would appear that I look French. I can wander round London, one of the busiest tourist cities in the world, all day and never get asked for directions. But as soon as I go on holiday to France, people start coming up to me in the street and asking me for directions that I generally can't even properly understand, let alone give a useful response. I can just about manage a "'sais pas", at which point my atrocious English accent probably tips them off that I'm Not From Around Here.

I do get asked for directions in one place in England. On the way to the station in the morning in Croydon, it is not uncommon to be asked for directions to the Home Office. I generally manage to resist the temptation to tell them to get the train back to Victoria and head for Whitehall, and instead give directions to the Home Office Immigration and Nationality Directorate at Lunar House. Which is usually the right answer.

In other news, I'm visiting family in Chester this weekend and will be mostly offline. So if I don't post snarky comments in your LiveJournal, it doesn't mean I don't want to.