September 14th, 2003

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Well, I'm officially 40. flick, sbisson, the fishlifters and Rob and Avedon WANOLJ turned up, after I got various cancellations from various people for good reasons.

By a strange coincidence, cardboardnewman's sister-in-law was also having a birthday celebration in the Ben Crouch tonight, So Robert and Hazel wandered over from time to time. It's a small world.

The Ben Crouch does cocktails based on the seven deadly sins, each containing (in theory) two measures of spirits. And I seem to have had the complete set of seven between 6pm and 11pm. Which is more alcohol than I've had in one evening since, well, ever. So please forgive any typos, dodgy grammar or utter bollocks in this post.

My reasons for not drinking still seem valid. I do not feel especially happy or uninhibited. I do feel dizzy, uncoordinated and stupid. But the health benefits of drinking seem increasingly clear, so we'll see how it goes.