August 31st, 2003

Sue Got A Hugo!

May I be the first to congratulate frostfox on winning the Hugo award for Fan Artist. About time, too.

In other Hugo news, the Hugo for Canadian SF novel (special category this year) went to Hominids by Robert J Sawyer, the Hugo for Dave Langford was won by Dave Langford and the one for Locus went to Locus. In the newly rearranged media categories, the one for Lord of the Rings Movie went to The Two Towers, while the new category of Buffy Episode went to "Conversations with Dead People".

The other winners in the less predictable categories are on PNN.

Is There An Art Historian In The House?

Or can anyone else tell me why Sir Joshua Reynolds painted a work entitled "Venus Chiding Cupid for Learning to Cast Accounts"? Which is hanging in Kenwood House, just north of Hampstead Heath. And yes, it's exactly what the title implies -- Cupid holding what looks suspiciously like a spreadsheet (pre-computer variety) is being told off by Venus. Which begs a whole host of questions, like why Cupid was considering such a drastic career change and what exactly Venus objects to about accountancy.