August 9th, 2003

Singularity Sky

Amazon came through where Forbidden Planet and New Worlds failed me, and I have a nice shiny new copy of autopope's first published novel (not counting the magazine serialisation of The Atrocity Archive), Singularity Sky (but which will be called Festival of Fools in the UK when Big Engine publish it later this year).

Apart from the terrible decorative typeface used for the first few words of each section, thus making the book appear to start with the words "The clay war was declared, ...", it's vintage Stross, with an idea density greater than anyone else except for Greg Egan. No spoilers yet (I don't really think that revealing the first five words can count as a spoiler), especially as I'm only about sixty pages in to it. But not since the Forge Of Goo incident have I seen such a naff typeface on an SF book.

And it takes my mind of the heat. My flat faces east and the long external wall is all glass from about three feet off the ground to eight feet off the ground. Even with the blinds closed, the internal temperature goes extremely high on sunny mornings.
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