August 3rd, 2003

Sproutlore Photos

I didn't take my camera to Brentford this afternoon. But I did take the new phone, and I shot thirty pictures. Quality is not great, but nine of the best can be seen here. Click on a thumbnail for a larger version.
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Should drplokta get a paid account so that he can put polls in his journal?

Hell, yes. Add some polls, enable polling of friends' posts and support LiveJournal too.
Absolutely not. You barely use the features of a free account as it is.
I'm sure there's something terribly wrong here, but I can't quite work out what.
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Reality Catches Up With SF

In Tanith Lee's classic novella "Don't Bite The Sun" (included in Drinking Sapphire Wine), the narrator, in a fit of depression, officially cuts herself out of her own circle of friends. The novella is set in the very far future, but in fact we've only taken 27 years to achieve the necessary technology -- you can do it on LiveJournal! Unfriending yourself is the perfect dramatic gesture, except that no one will notice unless you tell them you've done it. Sadly, you can still read your own friends-only posts, because as the author you still have access to them.

Now where are those overnight body-swaps?