Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta


But first, an overdue species update.

31. Painted Lady
32. Brimstone
33. Grey Heron (trying to eat our goldfish, I expect)
34. Grey Partridge* (on our front lawn)
35. Orange Tip*

Also saw a Mute Swan and Coot between Bishopsbourne and Bridge, but that's a bit too far from home to count as walking distance unless I actually walk there from home.

Most of these are taken on my new pocket camera, not the good one. But they've mostly come out reasonably well.

The view from horseback, riding back towards the house on a misty morning:
Misty Morning

The best shot I've got of a buzzard:

Partridge in our garden (alas, we don't have a pear tree):

And now a bunch from walking the dog today.

Bluebells in the wood (the first week in April is too early for bluebells):

Violet (I'm not sure if the intense blue edges are real or an artefact from the camera's image processing):

Wood anemones:
Wood Anemones

Jodie and me, posing for the self-timer:
Jodie, Me & Bluebells

More bluebells, with a bit of hazy sunshine:
More Bluebells

A primrose:

Blackthorn blossom:

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