Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

More Species

22. Badger* (I'm reasonably certain)
23. Pied wagtail (on our muck-heap)
24. Green woodpecker

Spring arrived very suddenly (and early) eight days ago, and everything is finally drying out (except for the assorted flooding winterbournes around here, which are largely fed by groundwater and thus take weeks to react to changes in the amount of rainfall). We have snowdrops in our garden, and there are primroses, daffodils and crocuses elsewhere. I mowed the lawns yesterday and today. We're able to sit in the conservatory in the afternoon and go "It's a bit warm in here." The horses have been out a couple of times without their rugs on. And Jonny is shedding like a mad thing, creating a blizzard of hair every time I groom him.
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