Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta


Well, that was a busy year. New horse, new house, new lifestyle. Things that are more important in my life than they used to be include:
  • Decent boots (I have four pairs of boots that I wear frequently, and I think I wear all of them more often than I wear shoes of any kind)
  • Decent waterproofs
  • The phase of the moon (New Moon at present)
  • The weather forecast (pretty grim for tomorrow)
  • Decent boots
  • Sunrise and sunset times (08:00 to 15:45 at present, plus or minus a minute or two. And yay, sunset is now getting later, and sunrise will start to get earlier in a day or two.)
  • A good axe (not to mention a chainsaw)
  • The ability to drive a quarter of a mile backwards
  • Did I mention the boots?
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