Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Ponies Again

We collected Jonny from near Gatwick today and installed him in the same livery yard as vgrumpybastard. Except that he doesn't actually have a stable of his own and is living outside in the field, which is what he's used to.

He did very well with a day full of confusing things happening. First he had to get into a horse box (he loaded very well) and travel for an hour, then he was immediately dragged off to see the farrier, and then he got the grooming of his life (almost certainly). And complained somewhat about flick trying to remove a tangle in a very sensitive area.

Jonny chilling out

After a couple of hours of chilling out in a quarantine enclosure, he got taken out again to see the saddler, so he now has a brand new saddle, and both flick and I rode him briefly in the school to try it out. And then he got to go and eat his dinner and then go out into the field with the other field ponies for the night.

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