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For our first night after Renovation, we're staying in Alturas in north-east California. Population a bit under 3,000. And there's nothing else for miles and miles around, which means no light sources. And there's no moon, and in fact no visible planets either.

So this evening we drove about seven miles out of town to the edge of a National Forest, parked, and waited for our eyes to adjust. My, there are a lot more stars up there than there are in London. Arcturus is orange! Antares is bright red!

I got a few photos, of which this is the best. If you look closely near the bottom left, you'll see a meteor that went by during the 30 second exposure -- there were in fact quite a lot of meteors, even though the Perseids have been finished for more than a week.

ETA: No, on closer inspection, that one is a plane. But there were a lot of meteors.

My God, It's Full of Stars

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