Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

iPhone 4

If you're tired of reading about the latest iPhone, which is perfectly understandable, I'd suggest that you stop reading now.

My new toy arrived today, after six days in transit from China. And it's very shiny.

The display is, as expected, very very nice indeed, and I suspect that I'll end up doing all my reading on the phone rather than using the iPad when at home. It's the best computer display of any kind, but I fear it will take a while until they can make one big enough for an iPad (or something larger) at an affordable price.

It does have the grip of death -- if I grip the bottom of the phone, it goes from four bars to one bar -- but my old iPhone 3G does exactly the same, and I suspect most mobile phones are similar. It's just been blown up out of proportion.

Haven't really given the camera a field test yet, but the extra speed and the multi-tasking are nice to have.

For those who are curious, I got an unlocked one and will be using it on Three on pay-as-you-go. Except when out of the country, that should cost me about £5 per month (which will get me 150MB of data, 25 texts, unlimited Three-to-Three calls and £5-worth of other calls and texts). That makes the total cost of ownership over two years £310 per year, less resale value, which is substantially cheaper than buying one on a contract.

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