Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Elephant Status

198 (Mammoth Metaphor) is expected to be installed at Somerset House on 14/5.

130 (Celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity) is expected to be installed at the Natural History Museum on 22/5.

70 (Dedicated to the wonderful Chelsea Pensioners) is not yet installed at Royal Hospital Chelsea; no date known.

87 (The Happy End of Nature) is not yet installed at Heathrow T5; no date known.

192 (bird2) is believed to now be in Victoria Tower Gardens.

117 (Untitled) is out for repair from Queen's Walk at Hungerford Bridge.

201 (The Elephant Outside the Room) is out for repair from St Paul's Church Yard.

135 (Gerald) is out for repair from Selfridges staff entrance.

112 (Tara) has been removed from Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park but not yet re-installed in Green Park.

29 (Blue Macaw) has now been installed in Green Park.

44 (Fish & Chips) has now been re-installed in Green Park.

79 (The Empire is not Striking Back) and 25 (I Miss the Forest) appear to have swapped plinths.

11 (Simply Silver) is incorrectly labelled "Whiteoaks" on its plinth (Whiteoaks is the sponsor).

65 (Burma) was in Victoria Tower Gardens and not Holland Park Avenue on 9/5; not sure where it is now.

219 (Cloudia) will reportedly be at Carnaby Street until Monday 17/5.

The locations as shown on the map (newest version from the website) for 79 (The Empire is Not Striking Back) and 124 (Elfreda) are wrong. The list of elephants has their correct locations.

111 (Mother Nature) is shown on the map and list as being outdoors and 36 (Chestnut) as being indoors; it's actually the other way round

As far as I know, all other elephants are currently where they're supposed to be, although the accuracy of the map leaves something to be desired.

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