Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Elephant Problems

Here, largely for my own reference, but also for other elephant hunters' information, are the problems I know of with the elephants of the Elephant Parade. One or two of them may simply be my failure to spot elephants. I've left off ones where I couldn't find elephants earlier in the week, but there are now photos on Flickr.

No. 29 (Blue Macaw) is shown in St James's Park on the first version of the map and Green Park on the second. It's in neither place -- I suspect it may be near the Strand, where number 79 (q.v.) is wrongly shown on both versions of the map.

No. 79 (The Empire Is Not Striking Back) is correctly shown on the listing as being in Green Park, but incorrectly on the map (both versions) as being near the Strand.

No. 170 (Vanishing Elephant) is incorrectly listed and shown on the map in Green Park on the first version of the map -- this is fixed in the second version.

No. 44 (Fish & Chips) is missing (as of 7/5) -- there's just an empty plinth.

Nos. 32 (Little Bird) and 131 (Sidhe) can't be found (as of 7/5), and there's one empty plinth on Mount Street (which is where they should be).

No. 30 (Vorsprung) can't be found (as of 7/5).

No. 87 (The Happy End of Nature) can't be found (as of 5/5). Which means I have to make a second trip to Heathrow Terminal 5. Bah.

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