Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Author Watchlist

I just updated my watchlist at Fictionwise, of authors whose new books I want to be emailed about. It obviously only includes authors where I think there's a chance they might have new books coming out in the future.

A few statistics:

There are 78 names. Two pairs are actually the same person, with or without a middle initial, so there are 76 people. 14 are female and one is intersex (as far as I know). 24 are British, 2 are Australian, 5 are Canadian and the rest are American (as far as I know, and based on their predominant culture not where they happen to live now). Seven of them aren't actually available on Fictionwise's system, because they've had nothing previously sold via Fictionwise. I know 18 of them well enough to say hello if I pass them in the street.

ETA: Four people are on the list as editors rather than as authors.

And Fictionwise apparently knows autopope as Charlie Stross, even though none of his books is billed that way.

Alan J. Garner
Alastair Reynolds
Bruce Sterling
C. J. Cherryh
Charles Stross
China Mieville
Christopher Priest
Connie Willis
Cory Doctorow
Dan Simmons
Daniel Keys Moran
David Brin
David G. Hartwell
David Langford
David Weber
David Zindell
Diana Wynne Jones
Elizabeth Bear
Frances Hardinge
Gardner Dozois
Gene Wolfe
George R.R. Martin
Glen Cook
Greg Bear
Greg Egan
Gregory Benford
Guy Gavriel Kay
Iain Banks
Iain M. Banks
Ian McDonald
Ian R. MacLeod
Jack McDevitt
Jaine Fenn
Jasper Fforde
Jill Paton Walsh
Jo Walton
Joe Haldeman
John Barnes
John C. Wright
John Crowley
John Scalzi
John Varley
Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Jonathan Strahan
Kage Baker
Kari Sperring
Karl Schroeder
Kelly Link
Ken MacLeod
Kim Stanley Robinson
Larry Niven
Lois McMaster Bujold
Mary Gentle
Michael Chabon
Michael Swanwick
Mike Resnick
Neal Stephenson
Neil Gaiman
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Paul Cornell
Peter F. Hamilton
Peter Watts
Raphael Carter
Robert Charles Wilson
Robert Reed
Rudy Rucker
Scott Westerfeld
Stephen Baxter
Steven Brust
Terry Bisson
Terry Pratchett
Tim Powers
Tony Daniel
Ursula K. Le Guin
Vernor Vinge
Walter Jon Williams
Wil McCarthy
William Gibson

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