Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Technical Difficulties

My moblog of the second London flash mob seems to have failed. So here it is now, a bit late.

jhaelan, flick, sbisson and dougs were present, along with a couple of hundred people WANOLJ (or at least, I don't know their IDs).

There was some discussion of the pronunciation of the term "moblogging" in this context. Should the first syllable be pronounced as in "mobile" or "mob"? Eventually, we decided that mobile blogging of a flash mob was probably mobmoblogging. Abbreviated to momoblogging. But since it's clearly a post-modern activity, it's pomomomoblogging. At this point in the conversation, sbisson felt it necessary to go and bang his head against a nearby lamppost.

For this mob, we went and stood around on the Hungerford footbridge (downstream version), waving at trains and shouting "Ahoy!" at boats. And wondering just how many people the bridge could hold before collapsing into the Thames, although that wasn't included in the instructions.

The mob on the bridge

The view downriver



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