Dr Plokta (drplokta) wrote,
Dr Plokta

Wildlife Update

The seven cygnets have all survived, so far, and are getting larger.

Cygnets on Surrey Water

(The other three are off-camera; I can count to seven.)

The Painted Lady invasion has hit Rotherhithe.

Painted Lady in Stave Hill Ecology Park

Painted Lady in Stave Hill Ecology Park

And the herons are as photogenic as ever.

Heron on Globe Pond

We also have baby coots (multiple clutches), moorhens (at least two newly hatched clutches along the canal), ducklings (all sizes from tiny to near-adult), great crested grebes and terns. No signs of life in last year's woodpecker nest. Didn't have my camera out with me today, but I might get some pictures tomorrow.

We were driving back from Oxford this morning, and we saw at least a dozen red kites (and the odd buzzard) along the M40 between Oxford and Beaconsfield. I remember when the only birds of prey you ever saw were kestrels.

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